January 27, 2011

Goodness, time sure can fly between blog posts. I've had a pretty busy Dec/Jan so far with our holiday and renovating etc. Our holiday was...pretty average actually. The weather wasn't great at all. It rained pretty much everyday and my plans to take the kids to the beach everyday didn't eventuate. We spent loads of time indoors, visited the Holy Land (aka Ikea) and spent time with the family. Unexpectedly, we were happy to come home to Tasmania. Still very homesick for Queensland though and we are planning our move back home, just not sure exactly where yet. Perhaps Cairns, although Noosa is looking good...

Stormy skies over Surfers Paradise

The renovations are going well. We've ripped out the fireplace, painted, put in a new laundry and a few other bits and pieces. It's a tiny little house that we live in so it's a pretty small scale reno. Funny how you get used to builders with a jackhammer in your lounge room at 7am...

We took out the old fireplace and replaced it with French doors,
letting loads of light in and brightening up the tiny lounge room.

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